Our Environmental Story

Imagine a product with the superior performance to a solvent-based composite, but none of the environmental risks. Stop dreaming—the green products are reality at NOVOC®.

What makes NOVOC® products different?
We found a way to do it better. While other resin companies promote their “low VOC” products, we developed a formula for no VOC resins and applied it to product formulations for use in a variety of applications. Since 1994, we’ve focused solely on innovating our formulas and developing and manufacturing environmentally safe, green resins. You get superior strength, durability and chemical resistance found in traditional resins, but in an environmentally responsible formula. The formula is our secret—the results we’ll gladly share with you.

NOVOC® products help you minimize risk and meet environmental regulations

If VOC air emissions are an issue, if your facility is near a residential area, if employee safety is a concern—NOVOC® can help.

All NOVOC® Performance Resins are engineered to be environmentally responsible and low odor. The resins contain “NO HAPs” (No Hazardous Air Pollutants) and “NO VOCs” (No Volatile Organic Compounds) and the resins have a solids yield typically exceeding 99%. To verify our claims, we had independent testing performed at Coatings Application Research Laboratory at Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Note: NOVOC® began business as Composite Technology and this research was conducted under our original name. Go to www.ecn.purdue.edu/CMTI/CARL/Info/zero-emissions)
For a complete review on the MSDS on all of our products, follow the Product Safety Sheets link a the top of the page.

NOVOC® products help your bottom line
What if you could lay down a new floor and not have to interrupt production for days at a time? What would be the cost to your company of one environmental fine? How would that affect your production and product cost? When you use conventional resins, you need to be concerned with MATC standards and review the MSDS for solvent-based materials. Because NOVOC® products contain no solvents and emit no VOCs when they are used according to manufacturer’s directions, they pose limited safety risks and are green products.