Andara has a long history of providing no VOC resins for cured-in-place-pipe applications. This styrene-free, low odor resin cure with typically used peroxides and offer excellent stability with rapid cure, unlike a typical styrenated polyester system our resins do not need slow ramp up and ramp down of temperature during cure saving you time on the job-site. NOVOC resins are being used for sewer and gas applications and coming soon for potable water lining.

Andara is pleased to announce our new NOVOC 4982-36H CIPP resin. 4982-36H vinyl ester resin utilizes an innovative promotion system using a single catalyst that combines our proven no-styrene polymers with a user friendly non-red label peroxide. This combination offers more than 36 hours in bag stability at 70F (more than 40 days at 0F) while still curing rapidly under steam or hot water. To learn more about this resin:

Andara offers epoxy resins systems for laterals. Our Novoxy 75/9075 system is a two to one epoxy with a 50 minute  working time and excellent properties. Like all our epoxy systems it has no nonylphenol or benzyl alcohol . To learn more about this resin system :