Andara LLC. formulates, manufactures and packages epoxy systems for a wide variety of applications including corrosion resistance, potable water, flooring and adhesives. 

We make our own hardeners, all of which are nonylphenol, salicylic acid and benzyl alcohol free. 

We formulate systems with Bisphenol-A, Bisphenol-F and Novolac epoxies.

We make mastics and caulks as well as chime sealer for reconditioning drums.

We package systems into totes, drums, pails gallon and half gallon jugs and quart bottles.

Some of our featured Epoxy systems:

Novoxy 9880 UW is an epoxy system specifically designed for use in wet areas. 9880 will cure and adhere to wet concrete floors for repairs and can even be used to laminate under water. Excellent for repairing floors which can not be kept dry such as dairy barns and food processing facilities which must be cleaned regularly. 

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